Custom Compression Springs

Compression SpringsA variety of small and large compression spring sizes manufactured with or without a grind.

Most commonly found throughout many applications, Helical Compression Springs provide a force as the spring is compressed. We are capable of manufacturing a variety of Compression Spring types such as Conical, Barrel, Hourglass, and the most common type of all, Cylindrical.

Spring steels most commonly used in our manufacturing process for Compression Springs are Oil Tempered, Chrome Silicone, Music, and Stainless Steel Wire, along with other precious metals such as Brass, Phosphor Bronze, and Beryllium Copper. Our Compression Spring manufacturing capacity ranges in wire diameters from .007″ up to .750″, with many of our prototype and short run orders ranging from these sizes. We can manufacture Compression Springs with or without a grind on the ends, along with a variety of special finishes or coatings to your specification.