Custom Extension Springs

Extension SpringsExtension Springs in a variety of small and large sizes manufactured with all types of hook designs; typically swivel, full, regular and special.

Helical Extension Springs provide resistance when using a pulling force, and typically have a hook formed at each end. Extension Springs are most often coiled with the coils close wound, or touching, which results in a required force to separate the coils, known as initial tension. Most common hook types are of the Regular and Extended type, and can be simple or complex depending on the application.

Spring steels most commonly used in our process for manufacturing Extension Springs are Oil Tempered, Chrome Silicon, Music, and Stainless Steel wire. Our Extension Spring manufacturing capacity ranges in wire diameters from .010″ up to .750″, with many of our prototype and short run orders ranging within these sizes. We can supply Extension Springs with a variety of special finishes or coatings to your specification.