Clips and Fasteners are most commonly categorized as flat or sheet material that is formed into simple or complicated shapes. Most often, Clips and Fasteners are manufactured using both low and high carbon steels, depending on the application. In some applications, high carbon spring steels are utilized where a spring force is required that cannot be obtained with normal spring forces. When high carbon spring steels are used for manufacturing, it is a standard requirement that the product is heat treated and quenched to a hardness level that allows the product to flex without deforming. Heat treating and oil quenching are commonly used for the hardening process, but an Austemper heat treating process is typically the best practice for eliminating heat treat deformation.

Size Range for Clips and Fasteners

Clips and Fasteners that we manufacture typically range in material thickness of .010″ up to .080″, with many of our prototype and short run orders ranging from these sizes. We also have the capability of manufacturing designs in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Common Industries for Metal Clips and Fasteners

Metal Clips and Fasteners are found throughout many applications. Here are some common industries where clips and fasteners are used:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Electronics

Common Materials for Clips and Fasteners

Steels most commonly used in our process for manufacturing Clips and Fasteners are either low carbon, cold rolled steel (without heat treatment), and high carbon spring steels ranging from Grade 1050 to 1095, along with Stainless Steels and precious metals such as Brass, Phosphor Bronze, and Beryllium Copper. We can supply Clips and Fasteners with a variety of special finishes or coatings to your specification along with various heat treating requirements.

Below details the common materials and grades that we work with for clips and fasteners, but if the material needed for your project isn’t listed, please feel free to fill out a quote today!

Flat/Strip Steel

Material Grade Specification Request A Quote
High Carbon Spring Wire 1050 ASTM A682 (AISI 1050)
  1065 ASTM A682 (AISI 1060)
  1070 ASTM A682 (AISI 1070)
  1074 ASTM A682 (AISI 1074)
Stainless Steel Strip 301 ASTM A666
  302 ASTM A666
  316 ASTM A582 (AISI 316)
  17-7 PH ASTM A693 (631) (AMS 5529)
Non-Ferrous Alloy Wire Phosphor Bronze ASTM B103
  Beryllium Copper ASTM B194
High Temperature Alloy Wire Inconel 600 ASTM B168 (AMS 5540)
  Inconel x750 AMS 5542
Low Carbon Steel Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) ASTM A1008 (AISI 1008/1010)

Different Shapes for Clips and Fasteners

Metal Clips and Fasteners can be formed into a wide variety of shapes. Here are some of the common shapes of clips and fasteners:

  • U- Clips
  • C- Clips
  • S- Clips
  • D-Spring Clip
  • Tubular Clips
  • Dart Clips
  • Dart-Type Fasteners
  • Molding Fasteners
  • Flat Spring Clips
  • Round Metal Clips
  • U-Type Fasteners
  • J-Type Fasteners
  • And More