For over 50 years, M & S Spring Company has manufactured torsion springs, compression springs, and extension springs using music wire because of its high tensile strength and fatigue life. Music wire springs can withstand high load stresses compared to other materials, which makes this material best suited for cyclic applications. Music wire is cold drawn. Although this material is versatile, it’s not recommended for service temperatures above 250°F (121°C). M & S Spring Company’s music wire springs meet ASTM A228 standards.

Music Wire Spring Types

M & S Spring manufactures several types of music wire springs including:

Music Wire Properties

Nominal Chemistry C 0.70-1.00%
Mn 0.2%-0.60%
Minimum Tensile Strength
psi (MPa)
Modulus of Elasticity
psi (MPa)
30 (207)
Design Stress % Minimum Tensile 45
Modulus in Torsion
psi (MPa)/td>
11.5 (79.3)
Maximum Operating Temperature 250°F/121°C
Rockwell Hardness C41-60
Specifications ASTM A 228