For over 50 years, M & S Spring Company has manufactured oil tempered springs in various shapes including torsion, compression, and extension springs. Oil tempered wire is cold drawn, as well as heat treated before fabrication. Oil tempered springs have good shock and impact resistances, along with good fatigue properties and are also economical and ideal for cyclical properties.. M & S Spring’s oil tempered springs meet ASTM A229 standards

Oil Tempered (O.T.M.B) Wire Spring Types

M & S Spring manufactures several types of oil tempered springs including:

Oil Tempered Spring Properties

Nominal Chemistry C 0.55-0.85%
Mn 0.60%-1.20%
Minimum Tensile Strength
psi (MPa)
CLI 165-293
CLII 191-324
Modulus of Elasticity
psi (MPa)
30 (207)
Design Stress % Minimum Tensile 45
Modulus in Torsion
psi (MPa)/td>
11.5 (79.3)
Maximum Operating Temperature 250°F/121°C
Rockwell Hardness C42-55
Specifications ASTM A 229